Designed by Matthew Malone designer, the "Recover Shelter" is a makeshift shelter that folds in a snap. Beyond a simple and attractive design, it does not miss assets.

Suitable for emergencies, the "Recover Shelter", Translate "homeless recovery" is directly inspired by the accordion, in its form as in its operating principle.

Can accommodate up to 4 people, this shelter is made of polypropylene, is fully recyclable and inexpensive. Foldable, it is easy to store, transport and set up. Once on the site, it is sufficient to deploy and to anchor it to the ground and voila.

Its accordion shape also makes it self-supporting. But if the folds play a structural role, they also provide a controlled flow of rainwater while facilitating recovery. Note that the structure can be covered for better thermal insulation.

Originally designed for use in disaster or calamity, the "Recover Shelter" is likely to win a wider audience. Offering a simple and neat aesthetics and functionality foolproof, you can expect emergency shelter garden shed or become ephemeral structure for a chic and trendy party.

To discover other works by Matthew Malone discover its online portfolio.

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Source: Yanko Design

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