A graduate of Hongik University (South Korea), South Korean designer Jihye Kang imagines minimalist furniture with astonishing light effects and iridescent reflections.

With his "Purity" series of furniture, Jihye Kang plays with light by exploiting opalescence and refraction of acrylic. After studying the properties of this material, the designer decided to combine it with stainless steel to create functional objects, the reflections of which vary according to the space in which they are inserted.

The collection includes several pieces: a coffee table, a side table, a cabinet, a chair, a stool and two partitions, all made up of a stainless steel structure and thick acrylic cylinders arranged in rows. Stainless steel blends perfectly with acrylic, but also appears as a brilliant material with captivating reflections.

Jihye Kang signs very contemporary pieces, whose optical properties confuse the spectators.

To learn more, visit Jihye Kang's site.

Photographs: DR

Léa Pagnier

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