Museums closed, galleries extinct and cultural spaces at half mast: the least we can say is that the last few months have not been the most prolific for exhibition enthusiasts. Fortunately, some commissioners are not lacking in resources and cleverly circumvent regulations to please design enthusiasts. Visit of “Imagined, for uncertain times”, a 2.0 exhibition that presents design pieces in an imaginative virtual scenography.

Conceived by the American studio soft-geometry, “Imagined, for uncertain times” brings together a collective of 11 independent designers from all over the world. The idea for this virtual exhibition came to them following the first week of confinement which unfortunately upset all the studio's summer plans: more trade fairs, more exhibitions, more orders ... Extreme constraints which, far from limiting the creativity of the duo composed of Utharaa L Zacharias and Palaash Chaudhary, on the contrary pushes them to use their imagination in order to connect designers with each other, thanks to the use of new technologies.

The studio's first experience as a curator, the exhibition brings together 11 studios, drawn from soft geometry favorites. We can thus discover the works of Eimear Ryan from Argot Studio (Paris, France), Laurids Gallée (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Léa Mestres (Paris, France), Benjamin Gillespie d'Ovuud (Philadeliphie, USA), Supertoys Supertoys (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Vidivixi (Mexico, Mexico), Voukenas Petrides (New-York, USA) and Yeon JinYoung (Seoul, South Korea), all staged thanks to a succession of 3D images produced by Nicolas Canellas of SPOT Studio (Barcelona, ​​Spain).
The latter quickly took the place of artistic director on this project and imagined a refined and aerial gallery located in the middle of a lake, inhabited only by the various works of artists. A serene, timeless space that invites you to disconnect.

The name of the exhibition, “Imagined, for uncertain times” also refers to notions of imagination and uncertainty, concepts inevitable in this period of pandemic. It is on these two ideas that the designers have focused, who have designed works especially for the event or redesigned certain existing pieces so that they fit perfectly into this experience.

While many events had to be postponed - the Venice Architecture Biennale at the head of the file - the soft-geometry initiative allows us to rethink the exhibition models and continue to bring the cultural landscape to life, despite the confinement.

To learn more, visit the soft-geometry site

Photographs: Nicolas Canellas

Zoe Térouinard

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