On the way to take the capital of assault, Simon Porte Jacquemus recurrence after the success of its first establishment Café Lemon and opens a new address, always in association with Caviar Kaspia: the Restaurant Urchin. Just like its first brand, already aflame with success, Oursin takes place in the very chic Galleries Lafayette Champs Elysée and invites the gourmets of the 8ème arrondissement to travel under the sun.

If the Café Citron was already an ode to the south of Jacquemus, it is another version of Provence that the Oursin restaurant offers us. Finished the terracotta as a master color, the setting of the new restaurant Galeries Lafayette Champs Elysee is immaculate. Whitewashed walls and irregular niches reminiscent of Mediterranean houses, cushions and booths of a luminous ecru and seated in convivial caning, all that is missing is the song of the cicadas to make us forget that we are in the heart of Paris!

The set is organized around a vine climbing the ceiling, bringing closer the room of a seaside terrace atmosphere than a trendy Parisian restaurant. And yet, nothing is left to chance to seduce the finest flower of the capital. Associating plates-trompes l'oeil made by an Athenian ceramist and curious objects found by the creator himself, the decoration intrigues and subjugates.

The map, focused on the products of the sea, continues to make us travel. Elaborated by Erica Archambault, former head of the Septime group, she pays homage to the Mediterranean while obviously taking into account the seasonality of the products.

What extend the summer ...

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Photographs: Yoann and Marco

Zoe Térouinard

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