Basketball courts never stop taking colors! After the Playground Pigalle Duperré by Ill-Studio Pigalle and the Mexican sports field reviewed and corrected by the All Arquitectura agency, Is the turn of equipment located in Aalst, Belgium, to be sublimated into 2017 by artist Katrien Vanderlinden.

Art, a land-use planning strategy par excellence? In any case, that seems to think the elected officials of the Flemish city of Aalst, as evidenced by their order formulated in 2017 with Katrien Vanderlinden. The goal: to restore the image of a municipal basketball court, fallen into disuse.

Bingo! Following the intervention of the artist, the site has become one of the most photogenic places in the area and a real playground for children - and adults. And for good reason: Katrien Vanderlinden transformed the stadium into a vast mosaic of colorful geometric shapes, reminiscent of Memphis group's remarkable style, and for which the graphic designer / painter recounts drawing inspiration from children.

If this composition of circles, triangles and other rectangles (skilfully integrated with the lines delimiting a legal ground) is of course visible from the street, it will be necessary to rise a little to appreciate it at best! For although its author is specialized in murals apprehensive to human height, the fresco deserves to be observed from the sky. "Nowadays, drones are so widespread that designing a work that can only be fully seen from an aerial point of view is no longer such a crazy idea! ", says Katrien Vanderlinden to the more ... down-to-earth.

To learn more, visit the site of Katrien Vanderlinden

Photographs: Katrien Vanderlinden

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