The Lille duo Fred & Fred introduces us to their Pict module, a glass brick used to compose light walls and suitable for interior architecture projects. Pict consists of 16 lenses that allow it to broadcast pixelated images of the scene on the other side of the screen. Pict thus transmits light, movements and colors, without energy, simply by optical effect.

Pict is available in several versions. Motion Pict, developed with Philips combines technology LED optical and video streams can create animated surfaces.

Transparency Pict has two transparent faces. Original Pict is etched on one side and can see without being seen, and can be used in a bathroom for example. Color Pict has 2 transparent and colored faces and colorful Red Pict two transparent faces red by internal glazing. Pict pixels used to create surfaces with integrated image or logo and Pict China consists of 2 white porcelain tiles, black, gold or platinum. Autopositionnants, the modules Pict arise simply and in a lacquered aluminum frame RAL color chart.

Dimensions (WxHxD): x 227 227 80 mm x

Weight: 3.9kg / XNUMX lbs

For more information, visit the website Fred and Fred.

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