6614-miaw2018-materials-delabie-tempomatic-4-accueil-logo-bdThe French company DELABIE, specialized in faucets and sanitary equipment, unveils its new product: TEMPOMATIC 4, a functional recess box with an elegant design. Like what, it is possible to push the refinement into his most intimate rooms!

Original and intelligent, the flush is the key element of this set. Far from the standard unsightly buttons, the 145 x 145 millimeter plate imagined by Delabie is available in gloss, satin, white or black finish.

Designed to respond to issues of hygiene and water saving, the system is triggered automatically from each user. No more forgetfulness or germs transmitted by the hands on the boot system! No more waste of water, only the volume of water needed is released and adapt to the influx by only rinsing the bowl between two uses. Then, when there are fewer people, a complementary rinse cleans more thoroughly.

Equipped with a sealing system with a seal integrated directly on the collar, the housing is easy to install on all types of siding, even thick - up to 120 millimeters thick. Beyond easy installation, its maintenance is also thought to simplify the lives of its owners. Thus, to access the solenoid valve, the filter and the stopcock, simply remove the plate manually, without the use of tools.

A product as responsible as aesthetic!

More information on DELABIE's website


DELABIE is a French family-owned company founded in 1928, which has quickly become one of the world's leading standards in faucets and sanitary equipment for public establishments. A market covered by the five ranges of the brand: taps for local authorities, taps for hospitals, accessibility and hygiene accessories, stainless steel sanitaryware and specific taps.

TEMPOMATIC 4 is the winner of MIAWs 2018 in the category Bathrooms and Sanitary / Recessed Box.
More information on the MIAW website

The choice of the editorial staff

The high-end design and ecological qualities of TEMPOMATIC 4 have made this product one of the flagship bathroom innovations of the year. It is therefore logical that the editorial Muuuz greets TEMPOMATIC 4 by awarding him a Muuuz International Award 2018.

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