Developed by Studio Cogitech, the Minero solution is 100% French, produced locally and without recourse to petro-sourced products. Result: exceptional and healthy pieces and objects ...

Minero is the culmination of several years of developing virtuous processes to support the creation of textures and finishes for exceptional furniture and installations. Composed of a directory dedicated to four contexts of use: Light, Skin, Block and Pure, the solution which uses neither solvents nor plastics is guaranteed without VOC emissions… Here, the mineral matter appeals to the fields of art. , design, architecture and retail. 

Cement-based, all mortars and plasters (made from recycled raw materials) are ecologically compatible for domestic or outdoor applications. Minero, which pays tribute to French industrial craftsmanship, is included in the production with the most cutting-edge specifications. Thanks to the aesthetic freedom it promises, the solution enjoys a strong plebiscite among brands and world-renowned designers!

Standard or extended, the Minero color chart, meanwhile, offers multiple possibilities to meet all decorative requirements ...

About Cogitech: 
For 20 years, Cogitech has been working with the most demanding composites and mineral plasters, which in 2014 earned it the EPV label. A distinction highlighting the excellence of craftsmanship where tradition and innovation intersect. Since then, the company, passionate about the material, has put all its creative energy at the service of interior architects, designers and luxury brands.

Editor's choice:
Minero combines technical performance and aesthetics. Beyond that, the use of materials and manufacturing processes that are intended to be sustainable places the range in a virtuous and innovative logic. So many reasons to award him the Muuuz International Award 2021 in the “Layout, materials and coverings / Mineral coating” category.




To learn more, visit the Cogitech site.

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