Contemporary furniture made in Europe, both beautiful and useful, by your side for decades and easily dismantled if necessary. This is the philosophy of TIPTOE which takes the opposite of “fast-furniture” by imagining sustainable furniture and being part of the slow design movement ...

TIPTOE has made a name for itself thanks to its colored steel table leg, which makes it possible in particular to recycle a top to create a table. Since 2015, the brand has developed its catalog with chairs, shelves, stools and even a collection of children's furniture. Among its bestsellers, the NEW MODERN table is dressed in eco-certified wood or recycled plastic tops, while its foot is in powder-coated steel, the most recycled material in the world. This new system makes it possible to create large dining tables, desks or even meeting tables.

But we could just as easily cite the EASY sofa in recycled fabric, born from a collaboration with the Swiss studio Big-Game. With a timeless design, ultra comfortable, removable and easy to assemble, it was designed to follow families as they move and follow them for many years.

The brand relies on fundamental principles to minimize the environmental impact of its creations. Made 100% in Europe, the objects must be simple, with the right materials, designed to last but also easily recyclable at the end of their life.

Each piece is therefore part of an eco-design approach and must reflect the commitments made in their company-mission statutes. TIPTOE is also at the origin of the RESTORE program which promises to extend the lifespan of the brand's products (return of its objects in exchange for a voucher).

Singular and colorful, the responsible TIPTOE collections can be found today in more than 2000 professional projects across Europe! With a dedicated team, TIPTOE responds to all development requests (offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.).

In fact, all TIPTOE furniture uses high-end and ultra-resistant materials giving them exceptional strength and longevity. Because the planet does not really need more furniture… but well thought out and well produced furniture.




To learn more, visit the TIPTOE table legs website.





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