Drawing on the craftsmanship of Blanc Carrare, Alessandra Apos and Andrea Persano bring a unique vision to the Noire de Lava collection which - from floor to wall - offers a variety of solutions for decorating and furnishing interiors. 

Combining economy of scale and ecology, the Noire de Lava collection has the particularity of being more accessible than certain other materials. It optimizes blockins extracted from quarry and not valued. Finally, the reduced thickness of the tiles makes it possible to use less raw material, to facilitate the implementation of the project and to lighten the load on the ground or on the walls. 

Flooring and wall coverings are treated with plain finishes and patterns, with or without relief. The “mix & match” process proposed by Blanc Carrare offers great freedom of composition, ensuring varied results. 

Lava engravings: finely engraved tiles, one by one, using digital machines and in small series. 

Lava nets: simple and delicate patterns offering a range of unicoloured decorations, while playing on the effects of light brought to the material. 

Lava interlacing: a mixture of techniques, such as engraving and sand dust, creating a double effect of matter and light. Ideal for the floor, these parts are non-repairing. 

Lava dust: personalized by hand in the sandblasting cabins, these graphic and non-slip tiles are particularly developed for the floors of swimming pools and spas.

Lava Black Edition

Within the Noire de Lava collection, Blanc Carrare sets an example for a line of exceptional and economical furniture and accessories. These parts are in fact made from offcuts of lava rock obtained during the cutting and the various stages of transformation of the material. 

The sculptural line of the tables is inspired by the profile of the Doric columns, where the grooves become folds and welcome the light in its multiple facets. It is enhanced with a delicate brass ring which reinforces this play of contrasts. 

The stackable vases and storage compartments are presented as a range of simple, functional and modular elements. A 24-carat gold border illuminates the stone and gives it a real identity. It is handmade by Pascal Meyer, Meilleur Ouvrier de France gilder, in Strasbourg for three generations and labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV).

Carrara White

To learn more, visit the Blanc Carrare site.

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