The project involves the development of the common areas of an office building: the hall, the landings, the restaurant, the toilets. The building is designed by the architecture agency DGM & Associes on behalf of BROWNFIELDS specializing in the conversion of polluted sites.

Located on a former petrol station, Porte d'Asnières, along the ring road and the railway tracks leading to Gare Saint Lazare, this project has the particularity of housing an aquaponics farm: a market garden greenhouse on the roof, fish farming ponds in its own space.

Here, the challenge was to create an atmosphere and an ambiance in harmony with the architecture of the building and to give a strong identity, assertive and consistent with the philosophy of the operation and its approach. 

The hall which presents an inordinate volume, almost intimidating (350 m2 with 6.50 m high) is a real immersion in the world of the aquaponics farm. The vegetation is abundant there while the warm and cozy wooden and upholstered furniture welcome visitors and residents in co-working mode.

For its part, the restaurant: The table breaks with the traditional image of the company “canteen”. It is sanitized, impersonal, simply functional.
The atmosphere here is warm and friendly thanks to the upholstered wooden furniture, decorative terracotta hangers and plant hangers. 

Even the toilets have been treated with care! Iridescent colored glass paste on the wall and on the ground, joinery panels and under-hanging doors, but also small decorative mirrors and stabilized plant hangers mingle here with the lighting hangers….


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