Polish design studio Mobius Architekci designed a unique house located near the Kampinos Forest, near Warsaw. All it takes is a quick glance, the surroundings, to see the originality of the creation ... 

By its structure and its forms, the house is unlike any other. No wonder, this is a design shaped entirely by nature, and more specifically by the Izabelin Pine Forest near Warsaw, a natural extension of the Kampinos Forest. The construction is thus erected in one of the most attractive areas of the Polish capital. A cinematographic setting, in short ...

The house has been demarcated by the wooded areas of the land that the designer wished to keep intact. 

The name of the Wind House building reveals its initial intention: the structure is open and the different axes plunge directly into the grove. Everything has been imagined so that the inhabitants take advantage of nature, day and night, to enjoy the twilight, when evening comes. This effect is greatly enhanced by the front, side and corner glazing. Like a communication with nature ... 

For their part, the facades were made of Siberian larch in an openwork arrangement concealing, in some places, window openings covered with slats of wood. The same wood panels were used to design the perforated and personalized louvers. Part of the facade covered with natural stone penetrates inside, thus blurring the formal limits of the architecture.



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