The Pavilion plays! will be presented for the first time in the gardens of the Villa Medici in Rome, from May 25 to October 2, 2022, and will then be exhibited in the Grand Parc des Docks de Saint-Ouen from spring 2023, in anticipation of and during the Games of Paris 2024.

Invited by the Villa Médicis as part of the first edition of the Festival des Cabanes, the DREAM architectural firm designed a wooden pavilion, designed as a sensory, playful and sporting experience. 

The pavilion is the result of a collaboration between architects, engineers and industrialists from the French wood industry. Made of pine of French origin, it consists of 44 m3 of wood, whose environmental properties make it possible to store the equivalent of 40 tons of CO2.

In the middle of tall maritime pines, the pavilion evokes a budding forest. Its spiral shape guides the visitor along the openwork wall, revealing fragments of the surrounding landscape between the interstices of the wooden canes. Gradually, the walls overlap and become denser, the boundary between exterior and interior fades, while the succession of canes produces a kinetic effect that seems to make the pavilion vibrate. 

DREAM's favorite material, wood is here pushed to its limits. The double curvature of the upper ribbon is a technical challenge: it undulates both vertically, following the different heights of the posts, and horizontally, following the spiral shape of the structure. A technical feat that reveals the agility of the material, and seems to make the wood dance like a ribbon of fabric.

Itinerant pavilion, it was designed to be completely removable and reassembled. Its parametric design allowed the automatic numbering of the 316 rods for efficient assembly, as well as the optimization of the cutting of the CLT slab and the rods, allowing 20% ​​savings in material and the reuse of rod machining scraps in wood for the furniture of the pavilion. 


Visuals ©: DREAM


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