Accolade France has asked Sophie Thuillier and Cristiano Benzoni, founders of Studio REV, to renew and transform the former Thales Training Center by raising one floor. Located in Jouy-en-Josas, this residence is intended to accommodate students from the prestigious HEC school.

The architecture of the place offers a gentle shift that dissolves in the depths of the woods of the city center of this commune of Yvelines. The existing buildings were built in the 80s according to a principle of military architecture, a “direct” architecture. That is to say, a principle of simple and modular construction accompanied by precise rules of composition applied to all the buildings on the site.

The façade concept is a manifesto of the encounter between architecture and nature. The structure of the elevations is entirely made of wood construction, the facades are colored with shades inspired by the colors of the park and the surrounding vegetation through the passage of the seasons. Each color identifies a specific building. 

Mirrored aluminum blades inclined differently and with variable densities are placed on the outside, all along the facade: they melt in their reflection, the floors raised with the surrounding landscape and make the architecture ephemeral and precious. From inside the apartments, they reveal the landscape like mirrors.

For this project delivered in 2021, Le Studio REV has set up an architecture of pleasure for future students as well as for the inhabitants of Jouy-en-Josas. The duo proposes here a new urbanity which endeavors to be worthy of the attentions which have already made Jouy-en-Josas, a city where it is pleasant to live and study.


Visuals ©: Charlotte Lindet



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