In Moscow (Russia), the French architect Nicolas Dahan has completely redesigned a 450 square meter duplex by transforming it into a very contemporary light space.

It is in the capital of Russia that the architect Nicolas Dahan has transformed a spacious apartment on two levels into a minimalist and luxurious accommodation, which includes six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen, as well as a hammam and a gym.

In this vast duplex, Nicolas Dahan has staged cold materials, sensual curves and plays of light in order to deliver housing with striking purity. For the sake of detail, he designed each architectural element of the apartment to measure - creating, for example, an incredible ceiling. “I drew a very soft ripple, like a beach wrinkled by the waves, which shakes up the minimalism of the apartment by organizing the living spaces. It appears as a uniform block, of total minerality, whereas it required more than 100 plates of staff […] assembled on site and sanded for three months to obtain this perfectly smooth surface ”, He explains.

Here, the marbles, mirrors, parquet floors, which come from Padua (Italy), were delivered, then assembled in Moscow “For excellent details, total invisibility of the systems and an emphasis on the material. "
In the kitchen, a large sliding door in lacquered wood allows you to play with the rhythm of the space, while the ten meters of black Carrara marble worktop contrasts with the dazzling whiteness of the storage, walls and ceiling. In living rooms, the maple floor is a unified and smooth surface, which reflects light. In the bedrooms and the dressing room, the red or blue mirrors, which contrast with the sober tones of the other rooms in the apartment, are softened by the Kvadrat woven walls placed in front of each window. The dining room bathed in light is the room where we meet. Here, the chairs are arranged around a minimalist table, under a large rotunda lacquered in pastel blue.

Nicolas Dahan has created a refined apartment, whose futuristic style fascinates.

To learn more, visit Nicolas Dahan's website.

Photographs: © Nicolas Dahan

Léa Pagnier

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