In Paris, the architect My-Linh Tôn, at the head of the young agency anthropie studio, renovated a Haussmannian apartment of 78 square meters in a minimalist spirit, by working on colors and volumes.

Founded in 2019 by the architect My-Linh Tôn, anthropie studio quickly succeeded in imposing its vision of architecture thanks to various projects always worked in an open-ended way. Drawing on her experiences with Lina Ghotmeh, then Nicolas Dorval-Bory, My-Linh Tôn now defends a transversal approach to architecture and considers each space as a total art object. For the MAL apartment, she fully played on volumes, worked on colors, simplified lines and optimized space.

This small Haussmannian apartment is distinguished by a fragmented spatial organization. Located in the center of the apartment, the stairwell divides it into two distinct parts: the living areas and the private areas. It was therefore necessary to take into account the stairwell, the single and mono-oriented facade and the rectangular plan to rethink the spatial organization, the circulation of light and the identity of the dwelling.

By reappropriating the Haussmannian transversality of the apartment, My-Linh Tôn has chosen to revalue the distribution in a row by creating a set of open and closed doors, which makes it possible to bring together spaces or to separate them as they see fit. The architect has thus created a central nucleus whose different spaces are delimited by a large bay window. Custom-designed and carved from solid oak, this glass roof separates the kitchen from the bedroom-library while allowing natural light to circulate. White and natural tones are available on all surfaces, and reinforce the distinct lines of the volumes. A second gallery in a deep olive green indicates the transitions between exterior and interior, between shared spaces and intimate spaces, and completes the identity of the apartment.

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Visuals: © Juliette Alexandre


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