Located in Chengdu, China, this new concept store will leave no one indifferent. Inspired by the mythical city of Pompeii, destroyed by Vesuvius, this space tries through its design to trace this lost civilization with all its materials. An original creation signed ATMOSPHERE Architects.

The slightly square space with a dimension of 485 m² has doors on all sides, crisscrossing the city in a chessboard-like layout. It's Pompeii. Legendary city destroyed by Vesuvius, and made eternal for the same reason. The sense of this story is conveyed here by the distribution of floor bricks, interior materials and wooden elements in the space. In this solemnity, the upper light enters the room from above and falls on the green plants in the middle of the field, as a metaphor for the arrival of hope after the ruins.

Churches, shrines and the impressive atmosphere of ancient civilization are created in a concise and restrained combination. The Pompeii series uses the rare fluorescent colors of Uma to restore the luster of fallen ashes and symbolize new life. The concept of space is also reflected in the presentation. In the general simplicity of the atmosphere, through the deep annular space, in the dressing room under the shadow of the curtain, the color red can be seen, like the eruption of a volcano.

Arrived at the top of the winding staircase, the light passes from darkness to clarity. In contrast to the primitive and mysterious atmosphere of the ground floor, the space, dominated by silver and white, suddenly opened the boundary of vision. The concept of time and space has a more multidimensional expression here: senses collide and intersect, giving space a unique language system. The circular, linear frame of the stainless steel display stands out like a moving visual line, which connects the entire space in an orderly way.

Since its creation, hug has made it its mission to select the works of independent designers from all over the world and to integrate different brands of quality design: here is a concept store to admire them. 


Visuals ©: Chuan HE from Here Space


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