Agence d'architecture basée à Tokyo et Toronto, Uufie se compose d'Eiri Ota et Irene Gardpoit Chan. A Tokyo, le duo signe le réaménagement d'un appartement de 74 mètres carrés prévu pour un jeune couple. Fixés au plafond, deux rails courbes de 4,5 et 13 mètres de longueur supportent des rideaux qui permettent d'adapter l'espace selon les moments de la journée.

Sur le "Nagi Apartment", Uufie précise:

"The project consists of renovating a suite in a 30 year old apartment complex for a young married couple and their daughter, Nagi. Her name translates to "the CALM of the sea" and it is also the name for this project.

The owners had a very basic idea for flexibility in the space. We attempted to design a space that is aware of this, adapting to their needs and changing with the dynamics of their growing family.

The construction consists of dismantling the existing space and planning two curved steel railings, 13m and 4.5m in length. The railings are suspended at 1.9m from the floor. Like railings of monorail, they distribute function to the respective spaces.

The spaces are washed in 70% diluted white paint on the new floor (Oak), ceiling and wall (Concrete). The diluted white gives an illusion of distance for the eye. New built-in furniture are finished in white boards that allow their daughter to draw and wipe away.

Curtains are hung along the extent of the railing. The curtains are made with velvet fabric and are printed with geometric patterns through a processes of melting rayon on to fabric. It also creates interesting effects as light passes through it, almost like fallen snowflakes.

Nagi is our first work that show us how small spaces can change to adapt to the life of a growing family. We designed it so space wouldn't be the dominant feature, but life itself. The floor, wall, ceiling and furniture are raw elements and raw materials for this transformation while the railings remain there as a backbone to support it."

Pour en savoir plus sur le "Nagi Apartment", visitez le site de Uufie.

Source: Architizer

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