A Chennai en Inde, l'agence ArchitectureRED signe la réalisation du bâtiment de bureaux "Gobevill Office", monolithe de béton blanc qui se pose et se glisse dans un site vallonné.

Sur ce projet, ArchitectureRED précise:

"ETA Star, one of Asia’s leading property developers, hired architectureRED to create a small, yet iconic office building to announce the beginning of their 100 acre mixed use development at Sriperumbudur, 30 kms from Chennai on the Chennai – Bangalore highway. The building houses the marketing and sales functions for the project, and being the first construction on site, offered an opportunity to create an architecture that had the potential to define the context in a way, and in the process, creating an interesting building that would evoke curiosity from the highway.

The project is located along a section of the highway gently bending north, allowing for an uninterrupted view of the building for a stretch of about a kilometer.

The design was conceived as a physical experience, drawing from the arc off the highway, and rising up to the actual building which then extends back into the highway, creating an experience of continuity. The contoured landscape in the foreground creates a strong visual setting and the elevation of the structure presents itself as an object in space.

The architectural intent is to create a building which appears to be in constant motion, complimented by the unending flow of spaces. The building is approached through a ramp, which continues into the interior double height entry volume as a strong movement datum while accentuating the form. The flight of stairs and corridor at the eastern edge continues that experience to the terrace in the south, maintaining a constant dialogue with the exterior landscape.

The minimalist form houses the sales area in a double height naturally lit space at the front, while the elevated portion in the rear houses the offices. The strong and clean lines in the site plan are in contrast to the sweeping curve of the highway and create a statement in the context. The direction of movement is further emphasized through hard and soft landscape elements. The curve of the highway at the site allows for multi - faceted views of the building as one drives along, adding to its dynamism."

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site d'ArchitectureRED et leur blog.

Source: Architizer

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