Dans un quartier résidentiel de Séoul, la maison "Godzilla" des architectes Chae Songhee et Laurent Pereira se glisse au croisement de trois rues. Sa façade se courbe pour s'adapter à la forme de parcelle et se perce de fines entailles pour laisser entrer la lumière naturelle tout en préservant l'intimité des occupants.

Sur la "Godzilla House", Chae Songhee et Laurent Pereira précisent:

"Godzilla is a house in Itaewon which was built for a married couple in their 30s and their two children. The house is situated at the meeting point of three streets in a labyrinth-like residential area. Due to its relatively small site and position in the street, the house was built in a curved shape, following the shape of the site itself, avoiding the usual street-side wall.

The north side of the facade is wrapped tightly around corroded stainless steel which sometimes looks black, brown or bluish, depending on the natural light and color of the sky. A curved sliding door on the first floor opens up to the indoor parking place. The sequence moving from the street through the parking place and unfolding into the kitchen and indoor entrance is a variety of chiaroscuro, optical effects and changing colors.

On the southern side, the garden side, the bedrooms and living room have large windows and a 3 meters high ceiling. Inside the north facade, two long skylights and a staircase follow the curved wall.

The experience of the house’s space is visual, but also addresses the body in movement at the same time. The ambiguous spatial limits, along with the light streaming in through the hidden windows, lends the place a feeling of endlessness. In addition, as the blue light from the north and the warm light of the south ends meet, the walls of the house seem to take on colors all their own."

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