A Santo Tirso au Portugal, l'architecte Sérgio Nobre a réalisé cette maison en béton blanc. Côte à côte, presque aveugles, deux volumes aux lignes brisées entrent en tension.

Sur ce projet, Sérgio Nobre précise:

"The idea was blend a sculpture image with architectural needs, making them ambiguous, was the proposal made to the owner, as a work premise.

We used a 10 ° flexion in two volumes, in order to maintain among themselves a common language. The application of bending, runs one of the volumes in its horizontal axis, and the other in its vertical axis. This gesture created a distant positioning to a formal level between the two block, allowing however have several readings volumes. These large volumes almost blind, provides you a very strong image.

Between the "bodies" happens the entry, where highlights, through a sectioning of the volume on the horizontal axis.

The organization of space, starts in the north wing of the house, a relationship between the house and an existing elementary school. Sought to break with some of the architectural forms of identification, especially outside windows that were used in the smallest possible number. Lighting/ventilation of rooms happens from individual small patios.

The owners of the house SG Light are a young couple with interest and knowledge in contemporary architecture. As such, we had total freedom and support the decisions taken. The site shape is a trapezoidal rectangle. The site has an area of 785 m2 and the house 240 m2 of deployment.

The house is located in front of an elementary school, and children aroused the curiosity for the house and the architecture in general. It was also well accepted by the neighborhood ... At first it was received with skepticism but was later welcomed. This is a low budget home."

Source : Architizer

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