Maurizio Burragato de l'agence d'architecture Biancostudio nous fait découvrir ce petit projet de pièce de méditation réalisée dans l'appartement d'un client milanais. Dans une chambre, flirtant avec les murs immaculés, se glisse un cocon de bois clair, une structure enveloppante intégrant une bibliothèque murale et une petite table recouvrant l'extrémité du lit. Ni traité, ni vernis, le bois conserve son parfum naturel, envahissant la pièce.

Sur ce projet, Maurizio Burragato précise:

"We designed this small project for a private client that wanted a specific ambient in his own apartment to practise meditation.

The client had a free room but very small and irregularly shaped , to be rearranged in order to give new space for books and a small table, while keeping the existing bed and the decoration on the wall.

We decided  to create a sort of abstract nest , a space for contemplation and interior experience .

By using a wooden boiserie with soft edges to cut the space in two parts we achieved a big contrast with the white walls .

Then a wooden volume would pop out from the boiserie including the bottom of the bed , creating a small desk that could eventually accomodate like candels and incense.

The boiserie is made with natural durmast wood without any waterproof treatment or paint , so that one could really feel the natural smell of the wood .

All the surface is vibrant yet perfectly uniform , molded with small lines to look like of a much bigger size."

Photographies: Alan Grillo

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