A Jurmala en Lettonie, l'agence d'architecture Arhis a dressé cette tour d'observation sur un terrain plat et boisé, au coeur du Dzintaru Mezaparks. D'une hauteur totale de 38 mètres, la structure métallique revêtue de bois s'élève toute en transparence. En son coeur un escalier s'enroule et mène les visiteurs au sommet, au fil d'un parcours rythmé par 12 petits balcons, comme autant d'étapes et de postes d'observation intermédiaires.

Sur ce projet, l'agence Arhis précise:

"Following the Jurmala City council’s decision, the designed observation tower for the Ragakapa Park in 2004/2005 was moved to a new location -the Dzintaru Mezaparks- and built in the year 2010.

Taking in consideration that both locations were different, some changes of color and dimensions were made.

The replacement of the tower from a location with common pines on top of a hill to a forested flat demanded an increase in height, which after the re-design, jumped up to 33.5m from ground level. In total, including the cellular operator antenna, the tower has 38m.

The rest remained as it was projected: a light, simple parallelepiped tower with a metallic structure covered by glued wooden elements and a comfortable, wide and metallic staircase that whirls around a squared structural core that takes us to an asymmetric platform at the very top. Along the way, 12 balconies allow us rest and enjoy the view feeling the loneliness of the place and watch nature with squirrel’s eyes.

The structural concept defined the tower’s visual appearance –a laconic, quadrilateral and elongated tower with stretched elements and randomly distributed balconies which end with a dynamic observation “cage”.

The wanted transparency of the tower is achieved by designing it light but providing a moderate adrenaline dose to the visitors and making the shy climber reconsider his wardrobe before getting to the top."

Photographies:  Arnis Kleinbergs

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site d'Arhis.

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