A Belo Horizonte au Brésil, l'agence d'architecture Gustavo Penna and Associates a érigé ce mémorial consacré à l'immigration japonaise. Célébrant l'amitié entre le peuple japonais et l'état de Minas Gerais, ce pont au dessus d'un lac mène à un volume de béton blanc qui se révèle au visiteur au bout du parcours, rouge vif et baigné de lumière.

Sur ce projet, l'agence d'architecture Gustavo Penna and Associates précise:

"The Monument-Museum to friendship and its metaphors celebrates, in the open, the friendship between Japan and the state of Minas Gerais and what this relation was able to build in a concrete and in an immaterial way. The project is a bridge over a lake. Metaphorically speaking the bridge connects territories, times, ideas and ideals. The lake is like the ocean that separates the countries, and somehow, it is also the one that represents the challenges, the achievements, of past times. The journey starts from the symbolic Japan of cherry trees to Minas of white ipe trees. In order to honor Japan and Minas, curved walls were also placed, side by side, in an allusion to both flags: the red circle and triangle. This is a fortunate analogy which refers to the synthesis and concision that is common to the peoples of both countries. The symmetrical bridge shape with entwined curves brings, at the same time, cohesion, continuous movement and interdependence. The Japanese immigration memorial is held at the ecological park Promotor Francisco Lins do Rêgo and it is part of Pampulha, the landmark of Belo Horizonte modernist architecture. It celebrates the dialogue between mineiros and Japanese, peoples that share and exchange ideas, dreams and projects. The richness of this union comes true by the ethnical mix, by the cultural expression-cuisine, poetry, music, fashion-in commercial and technological partnerships."

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site de l'agence d'architecture Gustavo Penna and Associates.

Photographies : Jomar Bragança

Source: Contemporist

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