A Yokohama au Japon, glissée sur une parcelle de seulement 33 mètres carrés, la Love House s'élève sur deux étages. Derrière des murs de béton blanc, un patio étend l'espace de vie et baigne les pièces de lumière naturelle.

Sur la Love House, l'agence Takeshi Hosaka Architects précise:

"Love House is a house for a couple. On a very small site of 33 square meters of frontage 3.3m / 10m deep, I planned a building of frontage 2.7m / about 9m deep. I draw the biggest curve on there with width and depth of a building, I distributed a place of a roof and a place of a sky with the curve; and I planned the stairs which went up from the first floor to the second floor with this curve. The main space of the building which these created, it is it with the space that it "is not inside, and is not the outside".

Sunlight shows the change from early morning to the evening very clearly to this space. This space without a lighting equipment turns into space where the light of some candles and the darkness of night live together. On a rainy day, a rainy curtain appears along a curve of a roof.When it rains, it is not always the same sound. Quiet rain, intense rain, rain with wind... rain create various sounds. Light of the sun and moonlight play in the Love House, and rain and wind visit Love House, and birds and insects visit a tree and a fruit tree of Love House. The situations differ every day. We can know that all nature given on the earth is prepared in very small Love House. A couple chose coexistence with all things to visit Love House and they decided not to put television to enjoy this rich space.

Love House does not separate inside and the outside. I discovered the new space that it "is not inside, and is not outside". And Love House was made. Our sense and instinct may continue still having the thing which the human felt at the time of the Creation. I have a feeling that Love House can remind us of them."

Photographies : Masao Nishikawa / Koji Fujii / Nacasa & Partners Inc. / Takeshi Hosaka Architects

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site de Takeshi Hosaka Architects.

Source: Architecture News Plus

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