Les agences Blauw Architects et Faro Architects se sont associées pour réaliser cet ensemble de 9 maisons sur l'eau à Rotterdam. L'opération se compose de 3 blocs de 3 maisons séparés par de petits canaux. Entre intérieur et extérieur, des terrasses donnant sur l'eau prolongent les  salons. Les espaces en rez-de-chaussées sont laissés libres et peuvent être aménagés pour créer un chambre en plus, un salle de bain spacieuse, un garage ou un abri, selon les choix des habitants.

Sur ce projet, Blauw & Faro Architects précisent:

"The urban plan of Palmbout Urban Landscapes asked for three blocks of three-under-one-roof houses on the water. The blocks are separated by waterways. The houses are at the top of the dike and housing are one of the landmarks in the district. The relationship with water gives a special atmosphere to the homes. Also within this sphere as much as possible to experience, we have reduced the living room and given additional floor height.

The living room connects directly to the terrace, which we are very close to the water are placed. From the elevated kitchen look out over the water freely. The floor plan is spacious and free to share. Residents can opt for an extra bedroom or a double bathroom, a garage or shed. Along with living on the water gives a sense of freedom.

We have individual villas given by the staggered skirting and loose caps. The residents get more peace and privacy. Cane collars between the terraces ensure the freedom outside. Between the roofs you see through the air and remains on view through the landscape."

Photographies: Jeroen Musch

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