A Kitzbühel en Autriche, sur une parcelle en pente raide, vient s'accrocher cette maison bardée de bois. En plein coeur des Alpes, l'agence Splendid Architecture propose avec la "House in Kitzbühel" une relecture contemporaine de l'architecture  tyrolienne.

Sur ce projet, l'agence Splendid Architecture précise:

"As the architect and designer Nina Schmid from the Hamburg office of Splendid Architecture entered the first time the property, she was impressed by the breathtaking mountain views. Should in their design for a house in this place so unique location in the Alps outside and inside to feel it. Not an easy task, because the property is located on a steep slope that previously prevented the view of the mountains. Nina Schmid designed two buildings bolt, symbolizing the logs and reminiscent of the Alps in winter. The middle part of the building is the heart of the house and serves as a distribution in the interior. It is designed as a sparkling, dazzling fire. In the upper part of the building to the east is the residential wing, the lower part of the building the dormitories on the west takes. The two wings were divided into three levels: The lower floor serves as a guest and as a service area with laundry room, storage room and building services. On the middle level contains the main entrance, kitchen and dining room, the terrace and the bedroom of the home side. The top floor of the spacious living room, library and spa are housed there from up here you have a magnificent view of the mountains. The architect built the entire house so that the layering of the structure and orientation of this is perfectly matched to the existing terrain and sharing the views of the surrounding mountains.  Also, the entire interior concept comes from the pen of Splendid Architecture. Nina Schmid put the alpine theme through the use of different materials and warm colors for the interior: a rough oak plank floor, a cement based coating homogeneous and goat hair carpets. Murals on the walls give each room its own character, replace any light objects of art.  The building uses as a tribute to traditional Tyrolean architecture in some areas on local materials, not only back into the interior, but also in the facade design. Thus, for example, the insulated concrete walls clad externally with original Tyrolean wood."

Photographies : Ralf Buscher

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site de Splendid Architecture.

Source: Architektourist


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