Dans le village australien de Blairgowrie, dans les environs de Melbourne, l'architecte Rob McBride et l'architecte d'intérieur Debbie-Lyn Ryan ont construit cette maison de bois de 290 m2. Cette architecture aux multiples  facettes s'inspire librement des vérandas australiennes traditionnelles pour une offrir une relecture contemporaine.

Sur ce projet, l'agence McBride Charles Ryan précise:

"It’s like a half space, half enclosed, half open. Neither in nor out – a new version of the good old Aussie verandah.Its like a giant multi-sensory organ, the sun, the sky, the breeze and the sound and smell of the sea – When you arrive here of an evening and stand here and see the stars, no matter how still it is, you smell the sea – suck it in, it transforms you, reminds you (of what matters), it’s a kind of tonic.

We like the buildings that make you smile (not laugh). It makes people smile, a building with the smallest façade on the peninsula – the building begins as the letterbox and unfurls to become this healthy scaled verandah, to some it is an upturned boat, to others it a wave a cliff. We like it being many things – people stop and ask us, we just say it is what it is to you.

The inside of this golden wall is vivid red; the support structure and the support shelves which in time will become deposits of beach memories, the much leafed book, the photos, the bric-a-brac of beach holidays and markers of the quintessential Australian family life – when that happens maybe that will then become ‘my space’ also."

Photographies: John Gollings

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site de l'agence McBride Charles Ryan.

Source: Dailytonic


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