A Blaricum, aux Pays-Bas, l'agence Casanova + Hernandez Architects s'apprêtent à livrer cette opération de logements de haute densité dans la zone d'aménagement de Blaricummermeent.

Dans ce quartier principalement construit de maisons individuelles et de villas, les 29 nouveaux appartements se répartissent en des blocs de 4 niveaux, cubes noirs aux volumes percés de baies et creusés de loggias, permettant de minimiser l'impact de l'intervention dans la zone tout en permettant d'y densifier l'offre de logements.


Les architectes Helena Casanova et Jesus Hernandez précisent:

"The playful rhythm formed by the apparently random positioning of the voids in the façade has been created by alternating different floor plans within the building. Every floor plan is unique and, although the apartments share common principles, they present differences in terms of size and organization of the living spaces to promote the typological diversity.


The different size of windows and the variety of their relative positions inside the rooms produce a large diversity of interior spaces, making it impossible to find two identical apartments within the building.

Difference and repetition are interlinked within a single entity, creating an environment related to the human scale which, at the same time, is based on geometrical principles and on an abstract image.

The twin blocks share the same volume, same structural principles and same materialization, but they differ in the façade composition responding to different number of apartments: 14 selling apartments in one of them and 15 renting apartments in the other.


The apparently random disposition of windows and voids in the façade generates as well a wide diversity of spatial situations inside the dwellings. The different size of windows and their different positioning within the rooms characterize each interior space with its own identity. The special design of the voids strengthens the relation between each interior and the surroundings by framing the views and filtering the natural light in a particular way.


Each apartment contains a balcony, which works as an extension of the living room. The balconies are located in between the outer skin of the building and its inner space becoming an “in between space” that relates the interior of the apartments to the green areas."


Photographies : Christian Richters







Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site de Casanova + Hernandez Architects.

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