Agence d'architecture néerlandaise, LIAG a réalisé à La Haye cette caserne de pompiers et poste d'ambulance. Atypique, ludique et colorée.

Sur ce projet, LIAG précise:

"The development covered approximately 5,175 m2 and will house eight fire engines and 18 ambulances. The response team for this part of The Hague as well as a number of staff services and office functions for the corps in The Hague will be housed in the multifunctional building. Additionally the building will be equipped with 15 bedrooms and a large lounge area with a kitchen. There will also be a sports facility on the roof! The design phase concentrated on the required functionality and sustainability. The design of the structure and façade ensure that the building as part of the new urban development environment for living and working in the vicinity of the Laakhaven has a clear and recognisable identity which conforms with the other developments in the railway zone. Both the main structure of the building and the façade will be constructed in steel (SAB sections in colour). The coloured façade surfaces range from fire engine red to ambulance yellow and have a shiny silver trim."

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site de LIAG.

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