L'agence italienne Altro-Studio a conçu ce prototype d'habitat léger. En panneaux de polycarbonate transparent, il est recouvert de plaques de gazon. Posé sur le sol et intégré dans son environnement.

Sur la "Lawn House", Altro-Studio précise:

"This project is an bio-compatible mobile house, characterized by still structure with envelope in plastic transparent panels (1,2mm depth). The “tray” system of the envelope allow the placement of the thin earth layer (3 cm) blocked by still grate. Over the envelope we think to put rolled lawn system (60 cm x 3,00 m).
The trapezoidal shape allows a good water drainage system and to hold the lawn over the structure. The rolled lawn represents a good insulating material system and very good natural integration with the landscape. It is economic, bio degradable material and is possible to leave it in the place, allowing realization of the new green space. The whole of modules are bolded and measure mt 3,00Lx2,20Hx1,20D
At the and of structure is possible to place two transparent panels contain the house door and a window allowing a good natural ventilation system.
Finally are superimposed to the structure a series of PV panels in amorphous mono and or polycristalline silicon panels. The PV modules can be anchored to the structure, through docking system , all over lawn surface with a only one liability of south facing . From time to time can be analysed the position of buildup battery allowing the preview about necessary optimization of electric powered."

Photographies: Emanuele Piccardo

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site d'Altro-Studio.

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