L'agence suisse EM2N signe la transformation de cette salle de spectacle de Zurich. Un projet à l'esthétique industrielle et aux lignes tendues.

Sur ce projet, EM2N précise:

"In the future we will increasingly often be obliged to deal with building fabric from the 1960s and 1970s that no longer meets present-day functional and technical requirements. This specific case is a theatre building in Zürich Nord in need of refurbishment that required a further 700 seats and a larger foyer area to operate on a cost-effective basis.

These programmatic demands together with the specified budget gave us the starting point for radically transforming the existing substance into a contemporary musical theatre. By reformulating the commission it proved possible to elegantly remedy the urban deficiencies of the present building. The new building "cannibalises" existing elements such as the basement and the fly-tower in order to react in a differentiated way and using a new volume to the different scales of the urban context.

Ideally, a strong conceptual context develops between the use of a building, its architectural expression and the building costs. In this particular case the location with its proximity to the Hallenstadion / Trade Fair, the building's function as a musical theatre and the limited budget offered optimum preconditions for formulating a coherent concept of materials. The intention is to achieve a direct, basic and industrially influenced form of expression."

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site de EM2N.

A découvrir également, notre récent article sur le chalet réalisé à Flumserberg par EM2N.

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