Au centre de Dublin, Darrell O'Donoghue et David O'Shea de l'agence ODOS Architects signent ce projet composé de 3 maisons de ville de 190 mètres carrés chacune. Une construction de verre, de béton et d'acier, entre opacité et transparence.

Sur ce projet, ODOS Architects précise:

"Set in an industrial area of dublin city centre, these three mews dwellings appear from the street as a mysterious, robust and impenetrable mass. The cantilevered upper section is a composition of powder coated metal industrial flooring planks, arranged in varying widths to create a rhythm and have been periodically doubled in depth creating a moire or interference pattern. Views of foliage and tree tops coming through and over the front screen hint at what lies beyond and it is only as you pass through the metal exterior that the warm, light filled heart of the building is exposed. The interior of each dwelling is an experience of colour, light and shadow.

Sustainable elements such as a grey water harvesting system and a boiler linked to an air to water heat pump have been incorporated into the design of each dwelling to maximise the use of renewable energy. All external courtyards drain to this grey water harvesting system located below the upper courtyard to the rear of each dwelling. This harvested grey water is used to feed the irrigation systems to all courtyard planting, WC and washing machines."

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site de ODOS Architects.

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