Sur l'île de San Erasmo à Venise, cette station de filtration signée C+S Associati étire sa longue silhouette dans le paysage, épurée et aveugle.

Agence d'architecture italienne basée à Trévise, C+S Associati se compose de Carlo Cappai et Maria Alessandra Segantini. Sur leur projet, ils précisent :

"Located in the lagoon of Venice, on the southeastern edge of Sant’Erasmo island, the depurator is part of the general urban and environmental upgrading of the island.

The fragility of the island, its indefinite shores that change contours and

thickness with the tide, the beautiful Austrian battery, the regular division of the artichoke cultivations and the internal canals give the building part of its character.

Four rough and one meter thick parallel walls, built in reinforced concrete coloured red with pigment, become the structure of the space which building form, like the ruins of an old austrian battery, at the same time defines structure and shape.

The spaces between the concrete structures are closed by full-height Iroko panels that may be opened at the entrance and in the areas used for unloading of dust.

The red concrete walls also serve as basic structures for the design of the landscape."

Crédits photographiques : Pietro Savorelli

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site de C+S Associati.

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