Sur une plage de Popivka en Ukraine, Alix Shelest et Archinoma ont construit "Y-Bio", un système d'habitation de loisir léger et démontable composé de modules tétraédriques en métal, bois et textile.

Sur "Y-Bio", Archinoma précise:

"Y-Bio habitation is created for chill-out at hot and windy seaside of Crimea peninsula. It consists of tetrahedral demountable modules that are stable without any foundation footing. In addition, Y-Bio central house is hanged up with 3 chains to 3 vertex of 3 tetrahedron and doesn't touch the ground with its bottom. Morning airflows make a house swing, lulling a human sleeping inside. At night Y-Bio appears as aroma steam bar, where hot vapor goes through herbal mixture, entrains volatile essential oil, and turns into a fragrant warm steam for breathe and inhalation."

Pour en savoir plus sur "Y-Bio", visitez le site d'Archinoma.

Photographies: Alix Shelest

Sources: Architizer et Archinoma

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