A l’occasion de la semaine de l’architecture de Madrid, la designer Noa Haim présente l’installation "Spaceship Heart". Exposée au CentroCentro, cette sculpture aux multiples facettes se compose de 400 modules de carton.

Noa Haim précise:

“Through a series of explorations in objects, space and experience Collective Paper Aesthetics are reloading Buckminster Fuller octet truss patent with the idea of the world game. The work Spaceship Heart is examining the question how can we make together a place people truly loves? During Semana de la Arquitectura visitors in CentroCentro were constructing Spaceship Heart, using 400 modular cardboard building blocks. Each element in the installation consists of eight similar faces. Each face is representing a program in hypothetically mixed-use structure. The end result will embody, apart from the symbolic heart shape a self-planned programmatic organization for a new place people truly loves.”

Photographies : Mónica De De Pascalis

Pour en savoir plus visitez le site de Noa Haim et de son collectif Collective Paper Aesthetics ainsi que celui du CentroCentro.

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