L'artiste américain Brent Sommerhauser met le sol en mouvement avec cette installation. Une langue de bois faite de lattes de parquets cintrées.

Sur ses créations, Brent Sommerhauser écrit:

"There are thin, quiet places where invisible forces and visible material collide.
The surface of an empty page approached by a pencil and a thought, or a little wind meeting the world; nudging, persuading, diverting.

I believe there is a potency there at that barrier. Where, saddled with fuzzy lucidity, you might still lasso a daydream or tug at moments each afloat in their own way. There and not there, everythings and nothings. Both, at once.

A "tangle of matter and ghost," as Leonard Cohen mentioned a time or two.
I combine unspoken narrative and practical objects to merge two types of memory - the subtle mental process and that familiar record left upon physical material. As if preserving a glimpse of a situation as a prop to experience. In coercing material to bend to both memory and structure, the imagined is made tangible while romancing the real."

Pour en savoir plus sur Brent Sommerhauser, découvrez ses galeries de photographies.

Source: Greg Kucera

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