Conçue par Alain Jost et éditée par Brandnewdesign, la lampe "Fibonacci" est constituée d'une structure alvéolaire souple en silicone. Livrée à plat, elle se détend et prend forme une fois suspendue.

Sur la lampe "Fibonacci", Alain Jost précise:

"Fibonacci is a lampshade made out of silicon rubber. The material is heatresistant and can be used with any kind of lightbulb. Use Fibonacci as a pendant light by pulling it over a lampholder (E27).

The structure of the lampshade is based on the Fibonacci Spiral. Leonardo Fibonacci (1170-1250) was an italian mathematician who repeatedly observed a certain sequence in the filed of biology, like in the arrangement of a pine cone, the spirals of shells or sunflower heads displaying florets in spirals. He found a rule to express his observation mathematically: after two starting values, each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers.

Each Fibonacci is packed in a cartonbox with black inprints. The top and front has an additional relief print. On the back you find the description in four languages: German, French, Japanese and English."

Pour en savoir plus sur la lampe "Fibonacci", visitez le site d'Alain Jost / Brandnewdesign.

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