Designer mexicain, Gabriel Canas s'est inspiré du jeu vidéo Tetris pour créer ce fauteuil composé de 5 pièces en fibres de verre.

Sur la "T Chair", Gabriel Canas précise:

"T Chair is an innovative piece of furniture, inspired by the famous 80`s puzzle videogame and also by Deconstructivist architecture.  The most noticeable feature of T Chair is its ludic, playful design composed by the 5 pieces used in the videogame translated into a 3D version which invite the user to become one more piece in the chair and interact with it.  T Chair is built on independent modules made of fiberglass in order to make the chair light and resistant. There are 2 versions, one is really colourful and the other one - black and white - is great for contemporary geeks."

Pour en savoir plus sur Gabriel Canas, visitez son portfolio sur Behance.

Source: Behance

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