Designer new-yorkais d'origine colombienne, Alvaro Uribe a imaginé ce tabouret en fibres de carbone. Entre légèreté et performance.

Sur son "Plum Stool", Alvaro Uribe précise:

"The stool is the exploration into Carbon Fiber and its possible implementations into residential furniture. The objective of the product is to achieve lightness and performance. By bending the material in key stress points and creating structural ribs, the  stool is born by using the least amount of material, and achieving a weight of 300 gr. The form is inspired by leaf veins, which optimize the body to keeps its shape and overcome wind waves  and pressure. Likewise the stool bend's create a structure which is natural and blends all parts without the need for adhesives or welding. With a dynamic movement, similar to that of a ballet dancer, the stool reflects the possibilities within materials, natural forms, and industry."

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site d'Alvaro Uribe.

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