Architecte et designer portugais, Rui Grazina a conçu cette ligne de mobilier modulaire. Composée de cubes en bois aux nombreux compartiments et tiroirs, elle permet d'adapter la forme des rangements aux besoins en créant de multiples combinaisons.

Sur ce projet, Rui Grazina précise:

"This line is designed around a regular cubic shape with a 345mm side. This is then formalized in 8 different shapes for 8 different uses. These form and dimensions are intended to create a comfortable physical relation and scale with the user while having appropriate practical capabilities.

By means of association and repetition the system can take on a number of different configurations decided by the user. Individual modules ca be used and placed alone, in sets of 2, 3, or any other number desired, both in vertical or horizontal arrangements.

The system is intended to create a non-traditional, non-static engagement with the user, allowing him/her to play with the different modules and create whatever combinations they want, with as many pieces as they want, free and flexible to change at will, anytime."

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site de Rui Grazina.

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