Le groupe d'étudiants serbes A7 a empilé et sculpté les plaques de carton pour créer cette installation entre meuble et architecture. Une intervention modeste et légère qui transforme et enrichit l'espace.

Sur ce projet, A7 précise:

"This project presents both space installation and utilitarian object (part of furniture), designed and carried out with anthropological measures with 5 seating places. concept of sustainable development is consistently implemented throughout all phases of project, from selection of materials for processing, to final construction. cardboard plates are used, thickness 0.5cm, hand made and assembled in layers.these layers form structure which is geometrically shaped looked from outside (part of cube), and amorf inside. cardboard as material is suitable for processing, friendly for touch and renewable (recycling process can be repeated many times)."

Source: Suckerpunchdaily

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