A l'occasion de l'édition 2010 de la Furniture Fair de Stockholm, 12 étudiants en design du Beckmans College exposent leurs créations. Parmi eux, Oscar Andersson propose un sofa en cordes d'escalade usagées et tissées.

Sur sa création, Oscar Andersson précise:

"I made a sofa but it's not for climbing mountains. I felt sad when I saw old climbing ropes being thrown away. The beautiful ropes made me think of frandmother Laila's knitting. My interest in metal comes from my grandfather Folke. Then I knew what I wanted to do, a sofa for people who seek variation. Apart from my grand parents my inspiration comes from lazy days in the sun, but at the same time I wanted to focus on quality and sustainability. My goal was to build everything myself. The base is a structure of cold bent steel pipes with a sitting area without padding. The seat is a base of braided climbing ropes. The angels of the seat and the high sloping arm rests are suitable for laying down. The sofa is made for two people, but if you really like each other it fits three."

Pour en savoir plus sur Oscar Andersson, c'est ici.

Pour découvrir l'ensemble des créations des étudiants du Beckmans College of Design, visitez le mini-site "48m2 / Same but different".

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