Dans une maison de Matosinhos au Portugal, l'agence d'architecture et de design Consexto propose avec le Closet House un aménagement ingénieux et maîtrisé de 44 mètres carrés. Dans ce projet entre mobilier et architecture, une cloison-armoire se déplace, intégrant d'un côté un placard et de l'autre côté une table, un mini-bar et un écran plat. Dans la salle de bains et les toilettes, des rangements glissent dans les murs. Les systèmes de ventilation et d'éclairage se fondent dans le projet.

Sur la Closet House, l'agence Consexto précise:

" The Closet house rises from the need to transform 44m2 in a house thoroughly useful and liveable. Has five spaces, two of them completely flexible and transformable by result of a displacement of a cabinet/wall, in wood with natural finish, that grants spaces from the living and room areas different sizes and uses. Likewise, all the associated automation technology makes possible that joint space, framed in various activities and daily routines.

On one hand, the cabinet/wall serves as bedroom wardrobe, on the other side rises an extendable dining table, a mini bar and an integrated home cinema. However, there is a passage whenever the living area become greatest, be able to access to a higher niche where the bed is. This option allowed a whole perimeter area gain for storage and placement of a built-in LCD.

The profitability of space coupled with technology was the dominant concern throughout the project; the kitchen and toilet equipped with cabinets that blend and automatically glide into the wall, mirrors with monitored exhaustion, ideal for small wetlands and no natural ventilation.

All electronic devices, as well as natural and artificial lighting, are fully controlled by a home automation system applied. Energy efficiency guarantee was one of the main concerns.

The closet house came to prove that is possible inhabit in small spaces whit the convenience, sophistication and intelligence of the greatest."

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site de Consexto.

Photographies: Amândio Neto / Consexto

Source: Architecturenewsplus

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