Sur une surface de 140 m², les architectes de l’agence Polonaise Mode:lina ont réaménagé Beam&Block, une maison à Poznań, en Pologne. Avec ce projet les architectes ont du composer avec les souhaits des propriétaires, de l’espace et de nombreuses zones de rangement.

Pour ce faire, des solutions intelligentes ont été proposées pour maximiser l’espace. La zone sous l’escalier accueille de nombreux espaces de stockage et même la niche du chien. Les portes coulissantes sont recouvertes de miroirs qui agrandissent la perception de l’espace. Le style est minimaliste dans cet intérieur où les matériaux et les couleurs se mêlent, le bois, le béton, rehaussés de peinture jaune qui dynamise l’ensemble.


Sur ce projet, l’agence Mode:lina précise :

„We assume that less is more”
With this concept, clients came to mode:lina office. With concept and 140 sq meter of house interior, which was meant to be designed due to their own ideas.

„The less door, the better interior is – we want space as big as possible! But we need a lot of storage space as well.”
According to this expectations architects decided to arrange hall space with few clever solutions. At first, they used space under stairs. Usually empty place, here is filled with really spacious storage – there's even a dog house! Moreover, sliding doors don't take so much place and their mirror surface enlarges the space.

„During working days our breakfast is ultra fast (She doesn't eat anything, he eats while leaving house). We celebrate weekend meals, that's why we need a big dining table.”
An island was a dream for the kitchen area - it's perfect for owners' quick meals. For these leisure ones, there is a big dining table. This centre of a house is marked with white frame, which continues in livingroom.

„We don't want the whole room to be about TV. We have some books, some albums also, it would be nice to expose them. Fireplace same as TV - we want it but it should be discreet.”
Living room space was once again dictated with minimalistic attitude. Television and fireplace are hidden with walls' dark color, which is surrounded with white frame. Scandinavian style, clients' favourite, was reached by materials – raw concrete and wood. It's suplemented with white and dark grey shades with ubiquitous energetic yellow color. Art appears in this interior in paintings and designer furnitures and accessories.

(She) „I like having my wardrobe in the bedroom. (It has to be really big!). We usually wake up at the same time, if not, my rummaging doesn't disturb him anyway.
Bedroom is connected with wardrobe. Again, raw materials and gray shades are combined with energetic yellow color, similar to the groundfloor.

Photographies : Martin Ratajczak

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