Made of paper and cardboard recycled, the "Universal World House" is an emergency housing solution designed for the poor. A green building, easy to implement and inexpensive.

Designed by the Swiss inventor Gerd Niemöller and produced by the company "The Wall AG", the "Universal World House" is a solution adapted to the reception of displaced persons and populations in great poverty.

Light and inexpensive, easy to assemble, respectful of the environment and resistant to earthquakes, it offers a living area of ​​36 m² for a price of € 4. It includes a convertible bedroom that can accommodate up to 000 beds, a shower, a toilet and a covered terrace.

Its partitions are made of honeycomb panels made of cellulose with added resin, cardboard boxes and recycled newspapers. The air filling their alveolar structure acts as a thermal insulator. According to its designer, the resin-impregnated paper used for the "Universal World House" makes it extremely resistant over time. The structure of the house is mounted on an anchor block carrying the weight of the entire construction to 800 kg.

According to Gerd Niemöller "The number of migrants and refugees living in makeshift housing will grow with climate change." Its creation therefore appears to be a possible response to growing needs. As of today, a Nigerian company has already placed an order for 2 of these houses. Further deliveries are reportedly scheduled to Zimbabwe and South America.

Source: Enerzine

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