This detached house project located in the southern suburbs of Paris, in the Val-de-Marne department, was a geometric challenge for the Wao agency. The book was made for a family with two children. The plot is located in a suburban fabric in the northeast of Cachan. 

It was one of the last buildable plots in the city. Its shape is an irregular quadrilateral bordered by a street, a path and a parking lot. The withdrawal rules imposed a triangular footprint of 43 m². The maximum buildable height was R+2. The very slender possible volume gives it the appearance of a turret. This prismatic shape makes it possible not to disturb the existing perspectives while respecting the parallelism with the layout of the streets.

The building has a wooden frame and is based on techno-piles. This made it possible to have a dry site, carried out quickly. The exterior cladding is pre-greyed wood cladding with an orientation game marking the different inhabited volumes expressing the shift of the floors on the facade. The staircase is made up of five flights, all different, connecting floors with different orientations. The guardrail unfolds to accompany and punctuate the ascent. 

This staircase was made by the Super Cube digital carpentry based at Fab Lab WoMa. Thanks to digital production tools, the craftsmen were able to precisely cut the elements which were then transported to the site to be assembled.

La Maison aux Facettes therefore demonstrates the interest of using a local economy to reduce construction times and ensure a tailor-made rendering. It also gives a good example of the architectural richness generated by rare constraints of exiguity and geometry. 


Visuals ©: Aurelien Chen 

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