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Profiles present systems "Satin Moon" ®, a new range of windows and doors aluminum at very high energy performance, designed and manufactured in France, for new or renovation.

"Satin Moon" ® optimizes energy savings, insulation is reinforced winter and summer.

Exceeds the requirements of the RT and 2012 labels meeting the High Energy Performance (HPE), very high energy performance (THPE) and Building for Positive Energy (BEPOS), it is eligible for the tax credit.

With its inspired design manufacturing (Factory Spirit®), Satin Moon® range is distinguished by its style. The light prompt, thin and sleek simplicity and play then gave voice the spirit of place. Enjoy also the bicoloration to harmonize your windows with the style of your façade and interior.

Thermal performance
• Uw = 1.5W / m²K Warmedge / Sw = 0.44 / 0.56 TLW = with double glazing / 1 French window sash dimensions EC
• Uw = 1.0 W / m² K Warmedge / Sw = 0.45 / 0.58 TLW = with triple glazing / 1 French window sash dimensions EC

• High energy performance, meeting THPE labels HPE, BEPOS
• Optimized Thermal Performance + 25 2012% • Meets RT
• Design Factory medalist Spirit Bâtimat 2009
• Finesse profiles
• Glazing until 42 mm
• optimized solar Contributions
• Excellent light transmission
• Reduced heating and lighting costs
• Accessibility for persons with reduced mobility
• Bi-color possible by the rupture bars
• Available in all colors exclusive Profiles Systèmes®, Terra Cigala®, Shards Métalliques®, Profiles Color®


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