Innovative: this is the best way to describe the invisible BetteAnti-slip Sense solution, which makes bathrooms safer thanks to its very high level of slip resistance (Class C).

The latest evolution of the Bette brand in terms of non-slip, this surface treatment which blends completely into the decor benefits from a protective action thanks to an action that could almost be described as magical. Imperceptible when dry, BetteAnti-slip Sense activates its main function when the body comes into contact with water.

BetteAnti-Slip Sense thus offers additional safety for people with reduced mobility, seniors and families with young children.

An innovation, the result of a specific treatment: here Bette uses a suspension composed of extremely fine ceramic particles, which bind durably to the BetteGlasur coating.

Regardless of the color chosen, shiny or not, shower trays and bathtubs retain their original appearance and pleasant touch, the non-slip surface remaining practically invisible to the naked eye and to the touch.

Another advantage: BetteAnti-slip Sense is resistant to any test, especially to abrasive cleaning products. The surfaces can therefore be maintained in the traditional way, without changing your habits...

Good to know: this new treatment is not compatible with matt colours, which are already protected by the practically invisible and proven Bette Anti-Slip Pro surface.




To learn more, visit Bette site.

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