Resolutely mobile, the work is most often envisaged remotely. Faced with this new "normality", Mikomax launches the hushHybrid acoustic pod desk which promises to offer a "bubble" of concentration... but not only...

The solution, in fact, has been specifically designed to guarantee very high quality remote meetings and give the various interlocutors the impression of being together... In addition to the excellent insulation of the "pod", it is also the comfort and the design it offers that make it particularly smart and user-friendly. While its soft upholstered bench encourages good posture, the supports present in the cabin and the work plan instead offer the ideal ergonomics to accommodate a computer and other essential accessories.

On the periphery of the hushHybrid acoustic pod desk, LEDs provide perfect lighting to highlight faces without attacking them. For its part, the optimal soundproofing of this small “bubble” of comfort guarantees perfect working conditions conducive to concentration and discretion, too.

To gain privacy, the cabin can be adorned with stickers and thus display a "frosted" look. Compact, the mobile office takes up only the necessary space and moves very easily thanks to its wheels. Its lighting and ventilation are adjusted using rotary knobs, while a motion detector automatically activates the cabin.

Better still, thanks to the wide range of colors available, the hushHybrid acoustic pod desk can adapt to all styles of premises!


About Mikomax:

Mikomax offers flexible furnishing solutions dedicated to the Smart-Office. Excelling in the design of ever smarter dynamic workspaces, the Polish company fits perfectly into the evolution of professional practices by combining technologies, ergonomics and design. Objective: to optimize comfort and productivity!


Editor's choice:

A work cabin that moves easily and above all guarantees a space of comfort and absolute discretion: it was enough to seduce the jury. Of course, the design of the solution also played in its favour. It therefore obtained a Miaw Design Award in the “Interior equipment” category.

hushofficeimageTo learn more, visit the Mikomax website.





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